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Broken Torsion Spring Replacement




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WARNING:  Garage Door springs are under EXTREME tension and can cause severe injury or death!   Any work done to the springs on all garage doors should be made by a qualified garage door technician.  If you attempt to make the repairs yourself, you are doing this at your own risk.   

Servicing the Entire Tri-State area.


Garage door torsion spring and extension spring replacement prices are inclusive of

service call and parts.  A complete price with no additional charges. 


Pricing is the same for evening and weekend appointments.


Extended Cycle Springs with an excess of 22,000 cycles and 5 year warranty.


Other door companies use 10,000 cycle springs.


Single Torsion Spring Replacement  (One Spring)  $135.00


Double Torsion Spring Replacement (2 Springs)  $175.00


Extension Spring Replacement (2 Springs)  $125.00


Extension Spring Replacement (4 Springs)  $165.00






Servicing the following areas and entire 513 area code

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